Want to order an Ohpopup? Great! Choose from one of the options below and use the contact form to order.
Each piece is a mix of careful paper cutting combined with different pop-up techniques and then by hand assembled.

One of a kind

A unique art piece based on your personal story
€19,50 per card

Birth announcements

Invite your friends & family to meet your new born with joyful cards.
Starts at €5 per card

Wedding Stationary

Up to 150 cards for weddings & birth announcements
Price on request


Happy birthday & greeting cards
Check it here


A Mexican French Wedding

"Jona did a great job with our wedding invitations. She was very helpful and had them ready on time. We loved the result!"
- Anahi & Adrien

Birdday Celebration

Loved my card! The details of every little thing are really well made. Those birds are beautiful! Very happy with my purchase ❤️
- Rosa Maria

Birthday Pop-up Book

"I loved the details in my pop-up book, it made it a very personal gift."
- Benjamin


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What does my wedding stationary cost?

I often receive questions about the pricing of my wedding stationary. Questions like; if the cards are hand made are they unaffordable? Or why doesn’t the cost go down when I order 50 or 100 or more cards? Also there are some hidden costs to consider, like envelopes and postage.  Adding those expenses can be a nasty surprise. Let […]

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The planning of your wedding stationary

There’s already so much planning you need to do for your wedding… and the planning of your stationary is part of it! When do you send your invitations? How long before do you need to order them…. And what do you need to know for each design???? AAAAAAAAAAAhhh…. Let me help… Newly engaged… If you’ve already picked […]

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Jona van Breemen is the creator of Ohpopup. She believes it is important in life to show appreciation to others. One of the ways she has chosen to do this, is in the form of pop-up cards. Next to putting a personal story into a card she always strives to make everything colorful and with a positive vibe.

Fantasy and science fiction books and movies, folk music, rock ‘n’ roll dancing, chocolate and coffee, instagram and the maker community, cats, female leadership & development and French food are some of her favorites interests to share with friends around Amsterdam, where she lives.

Besides Ohpopup, Jona creates Marketing and Design Strategies for different clients. Her expertise lies in combining strategy with visual communication to achieve clear branding, storytelling and concept development.