I often receive questions about the pricing of my wedding stationary. Questions like; if the cards are hand made are they unaffordable? Or why doesn’t the cost go down when I order 50 or 100 or more cards?

Also there are some hidden costs to consider, like envelopes and postage.  Adding those expenses can be a nasty surprise. Let me tell you what I consider when setting my price.

About Ohpopup pricing

With Ohpopup cards I make the pricing as transparent as possible. I always create a customised pricing for each order. That’s not only good for me, but good for you because we can discuss the right creative solutions to make everything exactly how you want it and within your own budget.

Starting prices for wedding stationary are €300 excl VAT for 50 cards.
To get to my pricing there are 4 elements I take into account:


If you choose an existing design and want to make little adjustments to this design it will take me around 8 hours to create a test card for you. I will create a digital version first and send it for you, you can give me feedback and ask me for any last changes. After you are happy with the digital version I will create a paper test-version for you to have in your hands. You can them decide on your materials and color choices before we finalise it.

Adjusting an Existing design is €50 excl. VAT

If you choose a completely new design it will take me longer to create. Usually around 3 days, again checking the digital and paper version together. In this process we also take extra time to make sure all the details of the pop-up design are correct and working.

Making a New design is €250 excl. VAT

2. Materials

I usually use paper and glue, sometimes a little printing. Therefor the cost of the materials is a small aspect. If I also create the envelopes there will be more paper needed. The cost of the materials is taken into the total price, not added on top of it! I can always make you a calculation if you want to know exactly how much the materials cost.

3. Amount

Based on the complexity of the design I set a price per card.  The more cards you want the longer it will take me to make because each card has a hand made aspect to it. That’s why I don’t give discounts on larger amounts. No matter how many you want I always take care of the details…

4. Time

This is the cutting process and sum-up for the production time. I take this into account because the more details and paper layers are involved the more complex and time consuming it will be. The basic pop-up card exists of 2 paper layers, the inside and the outside. It is the simplest and fastest to make and doesn’t cost much more then having a card printed.

Other costs to consider

Sending out mail can, especially internationally, bring unexpected costs. Think about the weight of your mail, in the Netherlands everything under 20 grams can be send with one stamp. Two stamps is up to 50 grams. Ohpopup always weighs the final card before production to give you a good estimate. (by the way, did you know you can design your own stamp?)

Special printing or foiling can bring extra costs as well, it’s completely depended on what kind of finish you want to have…

Do you have an idea and want to know what it will cost? Don’t hesitate to ask me! Quotations are free 😉
Mail me at jona@ohpopup.com