There’s already so much planning you need to do for your wedding… and the planning of your stationary is part of it!

When do you send your invitations? How long before do you need to order them…. And what do you need to know for each design???? AAAAAAAAAAAhhh….

Let me help…

Newly engaged…

If you’ve already picked a date don’t wait till you have your save-the-dates ready, but tell your closest loved ones right away. And then order your save-the-dates 😉

Save the date! 

As soon as you have decided on your date you can order your save-the-date cards. Make an approximation of the amount of people you want to invite, once you have your guest list finalised you should already have a design your happy with. Sending them out would be good to do around 8 months before your wedding.  If you are planning your wedding on a remote location ( your guests need to get there by plane) be sure to send your save-the-dates with a location (city/country).

Wedding Invitations!

When you have a set date, time and location you’ve got the minimum information to get started. Start designing your invitations at least 6 months before. Have you already thought of a style or theme? That will always help to get your designer in the right direction. When telling a designer what you want, try to explain what the feeling is you want to get:

Does it need to be personal and intimate? Or big and official?
Do you have an idea in mind? try to find a picture or image of what you want, and send it along.

Send your official invitations at least 2 months before your wedding, 3 if you need your RSVP’s.
Ohpopup cards take around 2 months to be made from start to finish!


Give your guests around 1 month to RSVP, this can be done by having them send back your included RSVP note. Nowadays it’s also very common to have a special e-mail address. Think about what is easier for you to handle. Also if you want it to be more official, paper RSVP’s is the way to go.


If your choosing paper decorations to go with your wedding invitation then order them 2 months before your wedding day, especially if you want a customised backdrop! Choosing an allround-concept for your wedding can give you spectacular memorable photo’s. Think about connecting the designer to your planner, stylist and florist so they can work together to make all the details fit together.

Thank you notes

Some couples choose to send a thank you note on top of the little goodbye gift at the wedding (what?!) It can be a nice moment to tell your guests how much you appreciated them but also a nice moment for you to think back on the day without forgetting each loved-one.  I recommend sending these after you return from your honeymoon and after you’ve received the photographs, maybe you can even send a few photo’s along.

To sum it all up, there’s plenty too think about. Print this A4 to help you plan for everything you need concerning wedding stationary and don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail if you have any questions!


Download the complete overview: