This blog was a bit scary for me to write… I’ll get a little personal about my experiences in the last month. But I’m happy you are reading this.
That being said, I hope you stick with me 🙂

Ups & downs at the Original Market

At the market I had the pleasure of meeting so many kind people. We we’re lucky with the sunny weather and my personal highlight was that one of my frames was going all the way to the US to decorate a little boy’s room.

On the downside I had expected to sell a little more… cards are quite the difficult product and I wasn’t sure my message came across. Also the wind was making it impossible to keep the cards on the table!

This single day has taught me a few lessons (you can never have enough tape for one…) and I’ve been thinking about the success or failure of Ohpopup. Is this not going to work?


About the people around me and the why

My most precious moments from last month have come from the people around me. My friend Corinne who helped me making a sh*t-load of cards. My friend Lucie who came with me to Delft and spoke to many people on my behalf and who encouraged me to be positive. My parents who were beaming at me when they came to my stand in Delft.
Ria from Craftsposure who lives all the way in Australia, has such a big community around her, and still finds the time to send me a personal message of encouragement. And then yesterday, a postcard full of compliments from Natasha in Canada, who I know through Instagram. All these people, close to me and across the world, remind me why I went into this business and why I’m going to persevere.

I believe it is important in life to show appreciation to others. One of the ways I’ve chosen to do that is in the form of pop-up cards and Ohpopup. I never went into this business thinking I was going to be a millionaire. Reminding myself of this fact and looking at the connections I made, last month was incredibly successful after all.


So, what’s next?

In the coming time I’m going to focus on bringing Ohpopup cards to the next level. Explorations of personal pop-up books will happen. Oh yes!

In the mean time I’d love to make a connection with you too, so if you feel like, leave me a comment.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on friendship and how you show appreciation to others.