On April 28th is was finally time to take a trip to Mexico. A long awaited trip…

Back in 2014 two of my best friends got married. He’s from Germany and she’s from Mexico but their marriage took place in the Netherlands on quite a short notice. So why did we go to Mexico? Besides the parents of the bride, her Mexican relatives couldn’t manage to come all the way over the ocean. So they decided to make a wedding nr.2! They gave me the honour of creating the wedding invitation. Mexican style!


Papel Picado

Based on the Mexican ‘papel picado’ I made a design they were happy with. The cutting proces was quite long and I definitely need to find a way to produce this type of card faster. But I’m happy with the result and the little details that are in the card.



After a lot of planning it was time to go to the Mexican wedding and I decided to make a holiday out of it. Next to a wedding from a dream we had the full Mexican experience. Sunny beaches, tropical forrest and colorful culture. Unfortunately we also made a visit to the red cross for a deep cut made by coral (on one of my friend’s feet). We experienced a burglary and all received some stomach flu’s.

Quite an eventful holiday. But what I would love to share here are the colorful memories. I’ve been inspired by the colors of Mexico and I truly hope I can make a few beautiful cards based on these memories.

A few paper creations made from what I’ve seen

These colorful tiles are based on tiles I’ve seen at Hotel La Joya on Isla Mujeres. (Great place to stay!)


The original tiles:


While visiting Chiapas I’ve seen so many beautiful fabric patterns. Based on what I’ve seen I made a paper pattern

IMG_2099 IMG_2111 IMG_2115

Some of the original fabrics:IMG_2259

So what do you think of the Mexican paper creations?
Please let me know in the comments ♥