If you’re feeling in the mood to do some crafting why not create a pop-up card for an upcoming birthday? With this tutorial and template it will be easy to do. Let’s get started!

Getting ready to create your own pop-up birthday card

Before you get started make sure you have these tools ready:


Get the template here

About the template

The template I’ve set up is a mirrored image. It is the backside of the design which means you can print it out, cut on the lines and won’t have any traces of it visible on the final card.

The template shows 3 different colored lines. Black is for cutting. Red & blue is for the folds.
The red line is a fold that will come up, the so called ‘mountain’ fold. The blue line will fold down, the ‘valley fold’.



Step 1: print the template on colored paper

Before you print it out think of the 2 colors you want to make your card out of. It works best if you have a darker and a lighter color. One for the pop-up and one for the outside / finishing. I use 120 grams of paper, which is easy to cut and thick enough for a nice pop-up effect.
If you would like to make a big card print the template on the entire paper. For a ‘normal’ sized card that will fit in a regular envelop you can print the template 2 times when you rotate the A4 into landscape.


Step 2: start cutting

Cut along all the black lines except the outline, save that one for last.

Tip: For the straight lines use your ruler. The curves are quite difficult, take your time and rotate the paper along the curve which is easier than moving your knife on a curve. 



Step 3: scoring the fold lines

Trace the folding lines with your scoring tool and ruler . By scoring the paper you create indentations in the paper that will make the fold very easy and clean. I use a blunt knife to score my paper because it is most accurate. If you do so make sure you test the knife on a separate piece of paper making sure it doesn’t cut through. You can also use a toothpick or a special scoring tool. The hobby store will have plenty of options.



Step 4: the folding

At first I was quite confused with the ‘mountain’ and ‘valley’ fold. Red goes one way and blue the other. Because you scored the lines before you only need to gently squeeze the paper between your fingers. Don’t fully strengthen the folds right away, just squeeze en bend the paper on the different folding lines until they start folding in the right direction. Then repeat and make the folds sharper until you can flatten the folds completely.

Tip: It’s much easier to make the mountain fold so the trick I use is to turn over the paper when it’s time for a valley ‘blue’ fold. That way, I’m only folding in one direction.

The whole folding process should look like this:


3_Folding-a-mountain-fold-pop-up-card 3b_mountain-fold-pop-up-card 4_folding-pop-up-card-part-1 5_folding-the-card-part-2 6_folding-pop-up-card-part-3

After the folding process is completed it should easily fold down and up:


Step 5: Adding the ‘outside’

If you are making a small card you need to use an A5 sized colored paper. Fold it in half and set it down. Take the pritt glue and your pop-up card, choose the bottom side to start with. Add pritt along the sides and a little in the middle. Of course don’t add glue on the parts that pop-up 😉 Take your outside card and put them together making sure the main folds line up.

Then repeat for the top side.



Step 6: finalizing

The last step is cutting the sides of the card so you have an even clean card. Close the card and make sure the fold is on the top, then with a knife take of around, 0,5 cm on the left and right side. Last, turn the card 90 degrees and cut the remaining side clean.

Tip: don’t cut against the direction of the fold to prevent ripping



And TADAAAA! There you have your card!



To make it extra special you can add decoration of your choice. For example make it polka dotted by using your perforation left-overs!

Or if you’re not done cutting yet, try one of these figures:


Template here!



Last but not least,

Don’t forget to sign it!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I would love to know what you think in the comments below and see all the cards you made!

And if you have any questions let me know!