This card was made for the birth announcement of Amy. I made 80 cards in total and here’s how!


Concept and design

Before starting the design of the card I went to meet the parents. David I already knew through work and I was curious to meet Petra, his other half ;). According to David she had ‘specific ideas’ for the card so it was important to find out what they were. Over tea we talked about the excitement of having your first child and the design of the baby room. This gave me a good idea of their personal style and whishes. Petra then showed me a picture of a little egg with tally marks… what a challenge to transform that into paper!
So I set of and got to work. Trying out different ways to construct a little egg and get the details right. I tried different layers, colors and cutout styles. Looking for both the best design and the easiest production. The order was for 70 cards so I needed to make sure the cards production would be fast too.

The original picture vs the paper version


Birth announcement - eggs


Working towards a final design

With birth announcements there’s a certain amount of information you want to convey. When was the baby born, the name, the contact details of the parents etc. I was lucky enough that Petra & David didn’t want too many details. The date of birth needed to be flexible so I decided to make this a ‘loose’ part of the card so I would be able to add it at the last moment.


Production time!

With the concept design and a set of different colors of paper I had a second meeting with Petra & David. They made the final choice on the color combinations and lay-out of the card. After making one last test it was then time for production.

IMG_5402 IMG_5398 IMG_5397 IMG_5396



If you have any questions about this project. Send me a message or leave a comment below. I would love to hear what you think!