Want to order an Ohpopup? Great! Choose from one of the options below and use the contact form to order.
Each piece is a mix of careful paper cutting combined with different pop-up techniques and then by hand assembled.

One of a kind

A unique and personal art piece based on your story
€19,50 per card

Small order

8 to 15 cards for birthdays, thank you’s, cheer-up’s etc.
Price on request

Big order

Up to 150 cards for weddings & birth announcements
Price on request


Finished designs that only need a little customisation
Check it here


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About the why

This blog was a bit scary for me to write… I’ll get a little personal about my experiences in the last month. But I’m happy you are reading this. That being said, I hope you stick with me 🙂 Ups & downs at the Original Market At the market I had the pleasure of meeting […]

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Make your own pop-up birthday card

If you’re feeling in the mood to do some crafting why not create a pop-up card for an upcoming birthday? With this tutorial and template it will be easy to do. Let’s get started! Getting ready to create your own pop-up birthday card Before you get started make sure you have these tools ready: Get […]

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Ohpopup is made by Jona who lives in Amsterdam with her French boyfriend and Patate the cat. Jona made her first pop-up in November 2013. “I bought Easyjet plane tickets to Rome and didn’t just want to give a print of the Easyjet e-mail, there’s no fun in giving that! So I decided to make a pop-up book that would hold the surprise and tickets in a fun way”. Since then Jona has experienced how much fun and appreciation comes from giving something made personal and with attention. Next to putting a personal story into a card she always aims to make everything colorful and with a positive vibe.